Teeth Whitening

Do you feel the need for whiter teeth?  Ask your Dentist about Teeth Whitening and the cost involved.  We know that there are various toothpastes and teeth whitening that you can buy online which claim to alter the colour of your teeth.  Whitening the teeth is considered cosmetic so can only be done privately, so you cannot ask for it on NHS.  If there is a genuine medical reason, it could or may be considered.

Salons offer Teeth Whitening

A lot of beauty salons offer this service, however unless there is a Dentist onsite they shouldn’t be.  Ideally a Dentist would do the work, however you can purchase teeth whitening kits online i.e. eBay, Amazon etc. Teeth whitening doesn’t work on false teeth, so no dentures, veneers etc.  It will only work on your own teeth that have a root.

The media portrays models and reality stars with perfect teeth, this puts more pressure on others to have white sparkly teeth.  The crest 3D strips are quite good, but very short-term.  The best way to get a full set of white teeth is to get either Dental Implants or Veneers.

Gentle Warning

If you do get a home kit, be conscious of the product used as it may harm your gums or tooth enamel.  Consider what is in the product and if its sold at a reasonable price.  If you ruin your tooth enamel, you are not helping yourself.  Ask yourself what you eat and drink; if you drink red wine and coffee, then try maybe drinking these with a straw, minimise the staining where possible.  Your teeth absorb colours and stains, so naturally you are advised to brush your teeth daily, often 2 or 3 times per day.  A healthy mouth is a happy mouth.  You only get 1 adult set of teeth, look after them as you don’t want a big dentist bill for dental implants or veneers if you don’t need them.