Missing Teeth

Teeth that are either missing or have been knocked out can look awful.  Missing Teeth can really dent your confidence and impact on your social life, this is whether you are a child or adult.  People can mock if they see people with missing teeth. It does alter your appearance and can stop you confidently talking to people, or meeting new people.  Heaven help you if you are single and want to go on first dates!

There are options available;

  • Dentures
  • Bridge
  • Implants

What people don’t talk about is that you can get Gingivitis if you have tooth decay.  This is a great reason why you should visit the Dental Hygienist, they will warn you if they feel you may suffer missing teeth.  The hygienist is there to give you the best advice on caring for your teeth. 

You might have been in an accident and suffered from teeth falling out, the surrounding tissue around the tooth could be in distress.  If you are a sports finatic you should always wear a mouth and face guard, especially if mountain biking etc.  Having missing teeth is painful and should be avoided at all times.

Replace Missing Teeth

The dental implant and/or implant supported bridges are the best option (in our opinion), however there is the cost element where you may be required to pay up front.  Some Dentists offer you a finance option so you can pay treatment up, however some don’t.  Dentures and Dental Bridges are non-surgical so we hear that a lot of people opt for this.

Get the Cost

If the dental work is going to take a long-time to do, ask about paying in various stages.  It may be that you don’t have to part with your hard earned cash in one transaction, you might be able to pay monthly, so it will feel easier for you.