Cosmetic Dentistry

Unless you have had to get a Bridge (permanent or temporary) or Dentures you will not be familiar with whats possible and why you would need them.

A bridge is a replacement that is permanent for a missing tooth or teeth. A bridge on the NHS can be made of:

  • acrylic (plastic) for temporary bridges
  • strong porcelain 
  • porcelain-bonded metal alloys containing 60% or more fine gold 
  • metal alloys containing stainless steel, cobalt chromium, or nickel chromium

Bridges may also be made of other non-metallic materials. If you feel you need either a bridge or denture, make an appointment ASAP with your Dentist.  Some dentists do take on new NHS patients, but call to ask the question first as there is a massive difference between private and NHS costs. 

What to Expect?

If you want to get a bridge, you would expect to meet with the Dentist at least twice, the Dentist will talk to you about the treatment options and see what you feel most comfortable with.  The bridge will feel unnatural at first and you will struggle as you will probably feel like you have a foreign object in your mouth, but the difference is its not going anywhere!  A bridge is used when there are fewer teeth to replace, if there are several (possibly in same place) then you would be asked to consider Dentures.  Dentures can be fixed and permanent or removable.  You need to consider your lifestyle and what is reasonable to expect from yourself re what you can do, will do or can sustain.  If you feel that removable dentures are the way to go, then do that.  Dentures are not just for over 60’s (years of age).

Need Advice?

Make an appointment at your local Dentist ASAP and if they cannot help you, ask for a referral.  Most companies whether in healthcare or not will recommend others.